[NEWS] Teaching tech | Project HOME

[NEWS] Teaching tech

Through a new partnership with Project HOME, Temple employees are helping train local residents to fill jobs in the technology industry.

From Temple Now:

A new partnership between Temple and Project HOME provides community members with the skills they need to fill jobs in the technology industry.

The 10-week training program, Temple Tech for Philly, was designed to offer local residents hands-on experience in the fundamentals of computer technology, including installation and configuration of PCs, laptops and related hardware.

“Support is important to success,” said Alexis Pugh, director of workforce solutions at Project HOME’s Honickman Learning Center. “Programs like this one help develop strong support systems so that those who are looking to enter the workforce have fewer barriers to face.”

During summer 2017, Project HOME identified a cohort of 15 individuals to participate in the Temple Tech for Philly program, which was taught by volunteers from Temple’s Computer Services department. 

Each volunteer-led classes on two topics related to specific subjects.

“Getting more people engaged in technology is important,” said David Matthews, a senior tech support specialist for Computer Services who volunteered as a teacher. “There is a significant digital divide in areas like North Philadelphia. Unless you’re exposed these concepts as a career opportunity, you lose access to lucrative job options.”