Dark of the Moon | Project HOME

Dark of the Moon

Because the dark doesn’t hurt so much, I am grateful for my little adapted room-darkened apartment at Kate’s Place. I am grateful for gloomy days when independent living gets a wee bit less painful, though I have to wear my prescribed black visor over glare goggles in any weather. I am grateful for screens that do not point at me, causing pain and brain problems. Especially, I am grateful for how the screen in the lobby can get turned off by a remote at the front desk if I have to be there.

Writing here now, on my screen-less computer for the blind, and wishing wishes, I wish I could be on the internet like the other nice people who can use the computers in the library. I wish I could shop online. I wish I could have email, though I may not live that long. Sometimes, I wish the whole world had not left me behind.

Still, inspired by the power of meditation, I thought I could share ways life continues forever and now. After all, though having to live in the dark, we can still dance, even at my age. We can still cherish. We can still yearn. We can still reminisce. We can still perceived night linger bonnie. We can still sense our heart needs, even dark of the moon.

Morgan Benner is a recovering widow who is pleased to make her home at Project HOME’s Kate’s Place Residence in Center City. She has a Master of Arts in Writing from Arcadia University.