[NEWS] Area Dems rail against Trump's proposed budget cuts | Project HOME

[NEWS] Area Dems rail against Trump's proposed budget cuts


From the Philadelphia Tribune:

Without federal funding, Sister Mary Scullion wonders how one of Philadelphia’s newest affordable housing developments would have been built.

On Monday morning, Scullion stood in a first-floor conference room in the Ruth Williams House at the Gene & Marlene Epstein Building in North Philadelphia, which opened this year.

Project HOME, an organization that seeks to end homelessness in the city, built the five-story development. Scullion, Project HOME’s executive director, said the 88 affordable housing units in the complex were filled immediately.

“I’ve got a waiting list down Broad Street,” she said.

But the $25 million development was funded with upwards of $19 million in federal funding programs, with millions more in eligible funding over the years. Now those federal programs are at risk of being dramatically cut in President Donald Trump’s 2019 budget.

“The proposed Trump budget that is being considered in Congress is a recipe for disaster,” Scullion said as she stood flanked by Democratic city and congressional leaders that morning.