[NEWS] Campaign targets homeless, seeks public's help | Project HOME

[NEWS] Campaign targets homeless, seeks public's help


From The Philadelphia Tribune

With panhandling and homelessness ramping up on the sidewalks of Center City, a homeless advocacy group and a business improvement district have teamed up in an outreach effort and are asking the public to get involved.

The information campaign launched Tuesday highlights five formerly homeless Philadelphians. "Your story doesn't have to end here. I know because mine didn't," the ads say, giving information on where to get meals, services and housing.

Sister Mary Scullion, who runs the homeless advocacy group Project HOME, said the ads particularly target those who are newly homeless.

"The longer people are out on the street, the more difficult and challenging it can be to come in," she said. "The first day that someone is on the street [we] want to engage with them and give them information where they can take those first steps home."