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Vote in the 2019 Primary Election

Election Day Resources
Tuesday, May 21 is Election Day! Polls are open from 7 AM - 8 PM.

You have the right & freedom to vote!
• Call 866-OUR-VOTE if you have issues voting or have questions about your rights, and you’ll be connected to a nonpartisan trained volunteer who can help you.

Not sure where you are registered?
• Confirm your voter registration here and find your polling place:

Who can vote in Pennsylvania?
• Citizens over the age of 18 and who registered before April 22, 2019. You can vote if you are on probation or on parole, serving time for a misdemeanor, in jail awaiting trial, on house arrest, or have a previous felony. Voters registered as Democrats or Republicans may vote in their party’s Primary Election. Registered voters with no party affiliation may only vote on ballot questions during the Primary Election.

Want to know who/what is on the ballot?
• In Philadelphia, the offices that will appear on the ballot include the Mayor, City Council At-Large, Sheriff, City Commissioners and others. In surrounding counties, the offices that will appear on the ballot include: county commissioner, district attorney, and other local positions. The only statewide office up for election is the Judge of the Superior Court. For a list of all races and candidates in your district: or   
• In Philadelphia, there are four ballot questions.

Vote For Homes is a nonpartisan coalition mobilizing thousands of Philadelphians who are living on low incomes, including those who are homeless, formerly homeless, living with disabilities, or are formerly incarcerated.