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College Access Program Summer Intern Inquiry

  • College Access Program Summer Intern Inquiry

The John and Sheila Connors Youth Employment Program at the Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs provides the opportunity for high school and college students enrolled in the College Access Program to complete a summer internship where they are paid for up to 120 hours over a six week period.

The internship program is successful in a variety of ways. It provides an income for students during the summer, develops professional skills, and broadens networking opportunities all while serving as a constructive way for students to remain engaged over the summer.

While Project HOME serves as a great resource in placing a good number of our interns, we are always seeking external placement sites to further develop our students’ knowledge in the fields of business, law, healthcare, customer service, communications, digital media and any other opportunities which are presented and generate interest.

High school aged students will work during a six week period beginning the first week of July and ending the second week of August. Interns can work 20 hours per week during the six weeks. Our college students can work up to 35 hours per week. Their availability ranges from late May/early June- early/mid August. All internships are completely paid by Project HOME.

Students are also required to attend supplemental professional development workshop that build on their worksite experiences. 

Many of our interns will be high school students experiencing work for the first time. Our primary goals for them are to understand what it is to be professional: collaborating with co-workers, taking direction from a supervisor, understanding organizational goals, showing up to work on time, and of course, providing tangible support to their placement such as organizational duties, customer service, reasonable physical labor, filing, answering phones, and any type of creative projects they can be tasked with.

Please contact Brendan Sculley at or (215) 235-2900 x6316 to learn more about hosting an intern for the summer or with additional questions.