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Transgender Inclusive Healthcare Services at the Stephen Klein Wellness Center

The providers and staff at the Stephen Klein Wellness Center wish to inform our transgender, questioning, and gender nonconforming community members of the transgender inclusive healthcare services we offer. In addition to our comprehensive array of primary medical and dental care
services, our clinic also offers the following gender-specific resources:

•    Primary care providers experienced in considering both the holistic care needs of a transgender and gender nonconforming patients, as well as gender affirming care (including the prescription of hormone replacement therapy (HRT), indicated cancer screenings for internal and
external organs, highly effective forms of birth control, and referrals to necessary specialty services).

•    Therapy and psychiatric services provided by mental health professionals experienced and trained in supporting individuals with gender identity support needs

•    Behavioral health providers integrated into primary care appointments who are adept at working with patients in various phases of exploring their genderidentities

•    Affirming, caring, and respectful staff who receive ongoing LGBTQ cultural competency training

•    An explicitly stated clinic wide gender nondiscrimination policy

•    Intake forms that allow new patients to disclose their genders and sexual orientations as separate from birth sex

•    An electronic medical record system that allows providers and staff to identify patients by their correct gender, preferred names, and pronouns

•    All bathrooms are designated as gender inclusive bathrooms

Becoming a patient here is simple. Call the Stephen Klein Wellness Center at 215-320-6187 for a medical appointment today. We accept patients who are uninsured or who have the following health insurance plans:

•    Medicaid and Medicare

•    Health partners and Health Partners Medicare

•    Keystone First, Keystone First VIP and Keystone Community Health Choices

•    PA Health and Wellness Community Health Choices

•    UPMC Community Health Choices