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Spirit of Generosity: Boyds Philadelphia

  • Spirit of Generosity: Boyds Philadelphia
    Spirit of Generosity: Boyds Philadelphia

This story originally appeared in our Summer 2019 Edition of News from HOME.

“Access to a beautiful, but affordable, suit for folks who have experienced homelessness can make all the difference in how they feel at that job interview,” says David Brown, head sales associate at Project HOME’s resale store, HOME Spun Boutique. The boutique thrives on clothing donations and support from our beloved community. Donors, like Boyds Philadelphia, partner with our store at 1523 Fairmount Avenue because they wish to join us in our mission to end chronic street homelessness.

We are truly grateful to the leadership and generosity of the Gushner family and Boyds, who in July, gave us an incredibly generous donation of high-end business wear for men, featuring many popular brands including Armani and Brioni. We value our relationship with Boyds, which is one of our strongest and longest established. Their regular donations of men’s and women’s designer clothing help to change lives in our community by providing access to affordable business attire, something which can be a huge barrier for folks wanting to take that next step toward employment. Through our voucher program and inventory from Boyds, we can also offer our community members free clothing from HOME Spun that can help them on their path to finding themselves again. 

But that’s not all. These clothing donations help us raise funds to carry out the important work of Project HOME by ensuring that everyone has a roof over their head, a job to go to, access to medical care and education. The real impact of these donations is felt when we see the excitement on our customers’ faces as they tell us about their job interview success, all because of how that suit prepared them for that moment. 

High-quality donations from Boyds helps us spread the word about our store, our mission, and the community it benefits. We love seeing young people thrifting at HOME Spun because it promotes an affordable and sustainable lifestyle --all while supporting Project HOME and its mission. Our partnership with institutions like Boyds Philadelphia can pave the way home for those experiencing homelessness because none of us are home until all of us are home. 

HOME Spun Boutique is located at 1523 Fairmount Avenue. Opening hours are Monday to Friday 11 am – 7 pm, Saturday 11 am – 5 pm and closed Sundays.  


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