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Take Action to Stop Social Security from Creating Additional Burdens for People with Disabilities

NOTE: The deadline for comments on the proprosed rule has passed but you can still send a message to Congress!

The Social Security Administration recently announced that it wants to change rules for people who get disability benefits, including SSI.

Many people would be required to prove continuing disability every two years. Through this change, Social Security expects to cut $2.6 billion in benefit payments.

Project HOME is deeply concerned about the impact this would have on our community and everyone who has experienced the burdensome process of qualifying for benefits.

Social Security’s review process is already time-consuming and error-prone—with people losing benefits by mistake. The plan to add 2.6 million additional reviews over the next decade will only make these problems worse for those who need income urgently and cannot work.

Social Security is collecting comments on the proposed rule through January 31, 2020. Under federal law, it will have to read and consider every submitted comment. The most important thing that opponents of the proposed rule can do is to submit a comment at this link.

Community Legal Services has provided sample language for public comment. Remember, your comment will be stronger if you personalize it with your own experiences and message.

Dear Social Security Commissioner Saul:

I am writing about the proposed Social Security rule that would make most people getting disability benefits prove that they have disabilities every two years.  I am very worried about the rule.  I do not think it should go forward.

It can be very hard to get disability benefits.  For some people it takes years, and it is a stressful and time consuming process.  More frequent disability reviews will create additional burdens for people with disabilities who cannot work and are struggling with income insecurity.

Even worse, Social Security often makes mistakes when reviewing disability, meaning there is an even greater chance that people who qualify for benefits will be denied and will go without the help they need.  And pushing more people into disability reviews will slow down the system for everyone.

The new rule will put more than two million people at risk of losing benefits over the next 10 years.  This rule would hurt people with disabilities.  Please do not go forward with the rule.


After you have submitted your comment, click TAKE ACTION to contact your Congresspeople. You can also find more information from CLS at this link.