Doing Our Part, One Face Mask at a Time! | Project HOME

Doing Our Part, One Face Mask at a Time!

Grant Blvd, a Philadelphia-based sustainable apparel brand, is helping Project HOME. They employ some of our residents, who have experienced homelessness, to create garments from reclaimed fabric. Lately they've changed their work to make face masks, and for each one sold, they're donating a mask to Project HOME. Kimberly McGlonn, founder and CEO of Grant Blvd, wrote a guest blog for us explaining why she's supporting Project HOME.  

COVID-19 has disrupted so much of our daily lives, but we haven’t let it disrupt our values. In a moment when our plans have been postponed or canceled entirely when we can’t gather to celebrate our successes or to give comfort in person, it’s critical that we give in other ways. This is why we’ve teamed up with Project HOME to make sure that members of their community continue to have access to what we all need during this crisis - face masks.

As a result of our buy one, give one program, Grant Blvd has been able to donate over 100 masks to Project HOME in the last two weeks and with the support of our incredible customers, we plan to continue to support Project HOME in this way. Here's why that matters: since day one Grant Blvd has been committed to supporting Philadelphians who have faced significant barriers to long term employment, particularly women who are formerly incarcerated and/or have experienced homelessness, and that hasn’t changed. Project HOME does the work of creating community and providing support for Philadelphia's homeless community, for OUR community, and we stand in solidarity with them in this work. This is just one way we’re continuing to use our talents to show up in a moment when showing up means so much. 

Make Your Own Mask 

Once your mask(s) are complete, please launder them and place them in a plastic zipper bag. You can then drop them off or mail them to:

John Owens
Project HOME
1515 Fairmount Avenue
Philadelphia, PA  19130

If you’d like to purchase one instead, visit our website at For each mask you buy, remember you’ll be supporting our effort to get face masks to Team Project HOME!

Who is Grant Blvd?

Founded in 2017, Grant Blvd is a Philadelphia-based sustainable apparel brand committed to sustainable sourcing. All of the garments in each of our cool & warm weather collections are produced using reclaimed fabrics, which means we source fabrics from garments in excellent condition through thrift stores and local consignment shops, and re-imagine them into new ones. Secondly, all of our production is done in our studio in the Grays Ferry section of Philadelphia, which allows our Director of Design to ensure that all of our pieces meet our high-quality standards before they ever reach our customers. By utilizing reclaimed fabric, we are able to keep clothes out of the landfill and create beautiful pieces without any extra chemical processes or water usage, and by keeping production done locally, we can assure you that our team is working in ethical conditions. 

By considering where your clothes come from, you can make conscious decisions to add items to your wardrobe as often as you can from brands that are willing to be transparent about their production process, and to demand change from brands that are not. We believe that the entire fashion industry can and must create clothes that look good, feel good, and are each carefully constructed with a different set of values.