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Community and Resident Voices on Racial Justice

Community & Resident Voices

In this edition of our print newsletter we asked members of our Beloved Community to share their thoughts on the fight for racial justice. Below are a few of their reflections.

“My whiteness gives me a tendency to take up airtime. I’ve forced myself to ask for feedback; to check in even when it was awkward; and to always assume power/race dynamics are in play.” – Dee Dee 

“Silence is violence, and inaction does nothing but perpetuate injustice. Join Black-led movements and organizations in the fight for justice. Black Lives Matter. Period.” - Shannon 

“I’m feeling grief, hope, and love. Anti-racism is our life’s work. We have to start at home, in our personal circles, at our workplaces, and with our families.” - Rachel 

“I may not live to see it, but it’s coming, knowing that my grandchildren will have the freedom to walk the streets. We need the people who support us to walk in front of us because we’re so afraid that we’ll end up dying. We don’t have to lose another life.” - Monique 

“If we’re not naming white supremacy, if we’re not getting uncomfortable with it both within ourselves and others, we’re not going to move forward.” - Bethany  

“I always felt that to be recognized is an essential part to someone’s life. it is not just an African American statement but a cultural statement. When you do right, right comes back to you.” - Bonita 

 “What doesn't kill you makes you STRONGER. Love is all you need.” – Ellen 

 “Why is there discrimination in the first place? It's all over the world. Being quiet doesn't solve any issue. Thus, we as adults should use our discretion to tackle the situation. - Jayanthi

“At this time, I am disappointed with the human race. Black Lives Matters is an awesome program to bring to light the push down of many races and cultures. Kindness matters! Love everyone!” - Paula

“What's happening right now with all this craziness going on in the world is definitely history defining. It's times like this that should bring people together even more and not divide them over race and class issues.” - Abigail

“For everyone to just get along. Life is getting shorter and shorter, so stop the hate.”- Dale

  “I think that this is a very important moment in time. I think that it rivals with President Obama’s first term in office!” - Mark

 “What this moment teaches me is that we cannot *think* our way out of White Supremacy in America. Human society must EVOLVE:  We are called to listen, learn (not just observe), read, defer, sacrifice, share, create, reflect, write, sing, speak, dance, laugh, stand up, march, run, sit still, risk, resist, interrupt, weep, cry out, protect.” - Monica

 “I feel like people of different cultures need to stop passing judgement upon each other and begin to look at others as equal human beings. It's not color that differentiates people, it's their deeds.” - Ke'Anna

“From being skipped over in lines, being followed in stores, or stared down in restaurants to the point of fearing for my life, there has been a constant struggle that I’ve suppressed at times. Please family, please understand the trepidation we face and the pedagogy of a systematically oppressed people.  We need CHANGE!” - Allegra

“I've had conversations with friends, and we share a common issue: what is it that WE can do to help join and fight against racial injustice and police brutality? The power of WE isn't just applicable to Project HOME. It can be a universal truth.” - Yishya

“For me, these past few weeks have been truly hurtful, especially given the values of Project HOME in our conviction of the dignity and worth of every person.  My hope is that all of us have taken some time to be honest with ourselves and really listen to others.  I am optimistic that change will happen but realize that there is so much more to do, and we all have to role to play in that change.” - Marianne