Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report | Project HOME

Fiscal Year 2014 Annual Report

Dear Friends,

This past fiscal year 2014 marked amazing milestones:  The 10th Anniversary of the Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs (HLCCTL) and the 25th Anniversary of Project HOME.

When we think back to our early days of building relationships with the men and women on the streets and opening those first emergency shelters, we are truly in awe at all that has been accomplished.  Back then, it seemed that homelessness was an utterly intractable problem, a permanent feature of the urban landscape.  Today, we dare to speak boldly of ending street homelessness.  And we have good reason to do so:  Over the years, we have developed proven, cost-effective solutions and witnessed thousands of persons break the cycle of homelessness and poverty.

In this, our Annual Report for Fiscal Year 2014, we thank everyone in the Project HOME community for their support, participation, and leadership over this past year of celebration.  Each of you has played a part in bringing us one year closer to ending chronic street homelessness in Philadelphia.

Ending and preventing homelessness is the goal.  With the transformational leadership of Leigh and John Middleton, our partners and you, we will develop the capacity to end chronic street homelessness by 2018; we will provide opportunities for recovery-oriented supportive housing coupled with employment; and we will tackle youth and young adult homelessness through education, employment health care and affordable housing.  Your generosity has made a lasting difference in so many lives.  You are creating a future of hope and opportunity.

We are still on the journey home.  And while the going may at times be difficult, we continue on, compelled by this urgent mission, inspired by the many stories of lives transformed, and empowered by a community of friends old and new.  It is a joyful journey, and we are grateful for your commitment.