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From The Oregonian

A knotty exhibit being created for Pope Francis' upcoming trip to Philadelphia will honor the pontiff's teachings by letting visitors acknowledge the challenges in their daily lives.

The installation, to be built in the shape of a grotto next to the city's Roman Catholic cathedral, is inspired by a painting called "Mary, Undoer of Knots" that holds special meaning for the pope.


Check out press from the May 7 Vote For Homes Real Solutions to Hunger and Homelessness Forum:

Philadelphia Inquirer: Many Mayoral Candidates Late, Absent For Session On Poverty

CBS: Philadelphia Mayoral Candidates Discuss Poverty During Forum


From the Philadelphia Inquirer

Around 400 people - many of them homeless - crowded into the Broad Street Ministry early Thursday evening to hear the mayoral candidates talk about poverty.


From CBS

With the primary less than two weeks away, Project HOME hosted a mayoral forum Thursday night that focused on poverty and other issues.

Candidates and representatives from both parties came out to the Broad Street Ministry in Center City to outline their plans of ways to combat homelessness. According to the organization, more than 25-percent of people in Philadelphia face poverty.


From Newsworks

"On election day," said Sister Mary Scullion, according to the Inquirer, "it's important for us to take note who showed up today."

Those words were uttered in connection with Thursday night's Vote For Homes' Real Solutions for Hunger and Homelessness Mayoral Candidates Forum, which drew an estimated 400 people to the Broad Street Ministry.


From the Philadelphia Daily News

In the city's poorest neighborhood, registered voters can tell you the cost of a gallon of milk, down to the penny.

They can tell you the exact profit margin gained from hawking bottled water, bought by the case, for $1 apiece on the street.


Via the Philadelphia Inquirer

The anonymous messages ranged from the universal - "World Peace! World Peace! World Peace!" - to the deeply personal:

"Prayers for my son having a liver transplant."

"I pray that I will be able to fully accept my son's homosexuality."

And: "Grieving the loss of my dear husband of 37 years."


From CBS Philly

Ten US military veterans, all formerly homeless, graduated today from a job training program during ceremonies at a center city Philadelphia hotel.

The five-year-old program helps these men and women rebuild their lives by getting the skills needed to handle a civilian workplace.

One graduate, Andre Hargrave, says he had a lot to learn after his time in the Army.

Drexel Hosts Art Exhibit Showcasing Previous Homeless Men And Women

From CBS Philly

Drexel University is hosting an exhibition that features art work produced by more than a dozen formerly homeless men and women.

“It’s a stepping stone for people who are experiencing some isolation ,who are experiencing hardship.” said Rachel Ehrgood, art coordinator for Project HOME.

[NEWS] Project Home’s Art Program Empowers Homeless People By Helping Them Overcome Obstacles

From CBS Philly

The healing power of art, Project Home has a special art program to help homeless people overcome many obstacles. It’s helped people turn their lives around.

Instead of drugs, Emanuel Havens now finds comfort with art. After years of being addicted and homeless, Manny is now a regular at the project home art workshop.


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