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Being noticed, recognized, and validated is so close to being loved that sometimes they can feel the same. We’re hardwired for connection and belonging. We’re hardwired for community. 

Stephen Klein Wellness Center (SKWC) is not just a doctor’s office, but a safe haven for community and connection, which are the foundations of empowerment. 

One community within SKWC is a group called “Healthy Hearts Philadelphia,” an initiative aimed at reducing risk for cardiovascular disease through a series of guest educators. 

The trees are wonderful teachers of change. With the Fall season soon to start, they’re about to model for us how to embrace the inevitability of transition. But, transition is stressful.

I work as a member of the medical team at Stephen Klein Wellness Center to care for people’s wellness, especially their mental, emotional, and behavioral health.

I primarily work with people to help them heal from painful experiences caused or worsened by various life and health transitions through short sessions before or after their appointments with their doctors.

Tanisha has been a part of the Project HOME community since she was 10 years old. From homelessness to hope, hear her transformational story.

Alonda Jones, a reliable and friendly presence at the front desk at our 1515 Fairmount Avenue main office, shares her #TransformationTuesday story and the impact that Project HOME has had on her life for the last 20 years.

Modern Hero recently produced a beautiful video giving insight into Sister Mary's devotion to people experiencing homelessness and living in poverty, the origins of Project HOME, and what we are doing today to end homelessness in Philadelphia for good. A must watch!

Qasim Moore, Program Manager at Project HOME, joined with the Housing Alliance of Pennsylvania recently to discuss the importance of affordable housing and recovery. Our thanks to Rep. Dwight Evans for his time and for representing us in the 2nd District.

Dee Dee Risher is a long-time friend of the Project HOME community (and former staff member).  Her recent book, The Soulmaking Room, is a reflection on how we embrace our difficult experiences and struggles as a path toward wholeness.  You can purchase the book through Project HOME here. Here is an excerpt:


The Positive Pathway for youth and young adult homelessness

This past summer, Rachel Yoder, our strategic initiatives manager, visited the United Kingdon as part of the Transatlantic Practice Exchange to investigate new approaches to ending youth homelessness. The full report was recently released, and Rachel's portion, entitled "The Positive Pathway for youth and young adult homelessness" can be accessed below.

I Am Project HOME: Tricia Dressel

Since moving to Philadelphia almost 16 years ago, Tricia Dressel has had plenty of experience with nonprofits and community-based organizations. But when she had the chance to join the Project HOME staff three years ago as our Director of Human Resources, she knew it was an opportunity she had to seize. “I had always admired the work of Project HOME and the impact it had at a community level. And I saw such strong leadership in [co-founders] Sister Mary Scullion and Joan McConnon.”

We Belong to Each Other

Father Greg Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries in Los Angeles and a dear friend of Project HOME, describes violence as stemming from “a lethal absence of hope.  It’s about [people] who can’t imagine a future for themselves.”

How can we infuse our system, our services, our communities, and our world with more hope? How can we cultivate spaces that are safe, rejuvenating, and restorative?


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