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When Kristin Segro decided to give back, our Home Spun Boutique was the perfect match. Kristin’s eye for design, fashionable palate, and consistent presence is an anchor at the boutique. Every Tuesday you’ll find her at her post, where she is responsible for sorting clothes, researching and pricing designer items, and organizing donations. (Her favorite part is jewelry!) “I appreciate that I can be useful in a small way for an organization that is providing service and opportunity in a very big way,” she said.

The Indispensable Volunteer | Bill Shriver

The community space in our 1515 Fairmount Avenue headquarters filled with the hum of conversation - punctuated by moments of laughter - as Project HOME community members gathered to celebrate an important landmark.

Just as Volunteer and In Kind Gifts Coordinator Anabel Genevitz laid out the party treats - which included neon pink cupcakes - Bill Shriver entered the room to a round of applause.  The appreciative crowd (including Bill’s mom) was there to recognize two significant milestones - Bill's 50th birthday and his 10th anniversary as a Project HOME volunteer.


Yesterday, we printed an article from our News from HOME newsletter about the Hub of Hope. Today, we print a personal reflection from Kat Delancey about her experience as a volunteer at the Hub.


The mother/daughter duo of Sharlene and Amy Goldfischer facilitate the popular knitting club at 1515 Fairmount Avenue where our residents - many of whom are already painters, sculptors, and illustrators in their own right - hone their knitting skills with an eye toward crafting items for personal use or to sell at local craft shows. 

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