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25th Anniversary

Joan McConnon and Sister Mary Scullion

Dear friends,

This year marks an amazing milestone:  The 25th Anniversary of Project HOME.   When we think back to our early days of building relationships with the men and women on the streets and opening those first emergency shelters, we are truly in awe at all that has been accomplished.  Your support, participation and leadership played a critical role in creating a brighter future filled with hope and opportunity.





The Honickman Family


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Sister Mary Scullion

During our 25th anniversary commemoration throughout 2014, we will occasionally use the blog to reprint stories, articles, and talks from our past.  Today, we share with you an excerpt from Sister Mary Scullion’s speech at the ceremony for the 1992 Philadelphia Award, which she won.  The occasion marked one of the first major events of large public exposure of the work of Project HOME, and you may recognize some of the themes Sister Mary introduced in that speech — themes that have guided us in the many years since.


Chico. Hopper.  Horace.  Paul.  Wigman.  Georgianna.  Marian.  Ruth. These were some of their names. They were the victims of an economy that squeezed them out, failed social policies that let them fall through the cracks of a frayed safety net.  While they bore their own deep wounds – decades of addiction, untreated mental illness, the psychological scars of war and post-traumatic stress syndrome – their presence on the streets of Center City Philadelphia in the late 1980s was the sign of a deep social wound. 


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