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In this challenging budget year, please join us in sending a clear message to our elected officials in Harrisburg: we need to reinvest in housing, schools, health care, and human services. Quality services save costs over the long term, create jobs, and attract families, visitors, and businesses to Pennsylvania.  Encourage your elected officials to raise needed revenue, fund the PA Housing Trust Fund, and expand Medicaid.
  • Expand the State Housing Trust Fund.
Fund the Fund
Help secure funding for the Pennsylvania Housing Fund! With $25 million, the PA Housing Trust Fund can provide rental assistance to 2,500 households, or demolish 2,500 blighted homes, or keep people out of costly nursing homes by providing 1,700 home modifications.
You can help us create jobs and homes in PA! As housing professionals, we know firsthand what affordable housing development can do for the most vulnerable populations of Pennsylvania, especially the homeless, seniors, children, and those with disabilities. Improvements to the Neighborhood Assistance Program (NAP) Tax Credit would enable more community revitalization projects to be built throughout the state, helping the economy and helping those who are in most need of assistance.
NAP became a national model after it was established in 1967.

Today’s guest blog post is by Garrett O'Dwyer, Policy & Communications Associate for the Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations. PACDC is a close ally and partner of Project HOME in the ongoing struggle to expand affordable housing in our city.  


Today's blog entry was written by Dan Muklewicz, a law student from the College of Law at Loyola University New Orleans, who is interning with Project HOME this summer.


Barbara and Steve Gold are long-time friends of Project HOME. Steve was the first president of our Board of Trustees. They co-authored this op-ed on Medicaid.


Mira is an alumna of Project HOME. Soft-spoken and always elegantly dressed, she frequently comes back to Project HOME to participate in alumni events, our speakers bureau, and advocacy efforts. On her recent visit, she shared some serious concerns: As she is following the media debate about gun violence, she is worried that the general public is getting a skewed view of mental illness.


On Monday, February 4, representatives of several organizations across the Philadelphia area met with Congressman Chaka Fattah’s Chief of Staff Bonnie Bowser to discuss the looming possibility of 8.2 percent across-the-board cuts to federal housing and homelessness programs.


“I woke up this morning with my mind stayed on freedom.”


“How am I going to buy soap? Or even a new toothbrush?

Worries like these often do not cross people’s minds every day, but for Sandra, such small expenses for ordinary everyday needs are about to become a burden on her life – and she is not alone. Effective August 1, thousands of residents across the state of Pennsylvania are about to lose their sole source of income: General Assistance.


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