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We are eagerly looking forward to tomorrow night, when the latest Project HOME art show open.  Our “Artists For All Season” has its grand opening and reception on Wednesday, October 26, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, at Drexel University’s URBN Center, 3501 Market Street.  This show is a partnership with Drexel University, and will feature drawings, painting, and photos by several Project HOME artists who have been part of our Art Program.

Several artists from the Project HOME community will join the elite company of Rembrandt, Monet, and Picasso when they have their work on display at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Opening today at the Museum is the “Bridges Exhibit,” which features the artwork of seven Project HOME residents, staff, and volunteers.


From Newsworks:

What makes the good life? What are our truths?

These are the philosophical questions that underlie many of our larger political debates.

And they are also the centerpieces of two portable, interactive art installations in the city this week that seek to foster a more productive civic dialogue among Philadelphians.


From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Richard Henry and Robert Jones took a break Tuesday from their maintenance jobs and sat on a ledge outside the Municipal Services Building to watch the protests that had overtaken the plaza.

This story originally appeared in our spring edition of News from HOME.

Project HOME’s vision has never simply been about housing. It has been about healing. All of our work—housing, advocacy for those on the margins, the building of community, the restoration of neighborhoods, and our work on education, recovery, and the arts—has been toward a vision of wholeness in an unwell society.

Several members of the Project HOME community participated in “100% Philadelphia,” a theater piece that was part of last summer’s Philadelphia Fringe Arts Festival.  One hundred different Philadelphians, representing the overall demographics of the city, shared their stories.  One of the participants was Emanuel Havens, a Project HOME alumni and participant in our Arts Program. He is also a talented musician, who performs frequently at Project HOME events.

Meg Saligman Murals for Project HOME

Meg Saligman, a Philly-based, award-winning mural artist, created the beautiful pieces you see in the slideshow above and installed them in select spaces in JBJ Soul Homes. The following descriptions are from her website:

Three works drawn from the elements – fire, water and earth –  have been integrated into the mixed use Project HOME building called the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Homes. 


Anabel Genevitz, a student at Arcadia University, is interning this summer with Project HOME’s Advocacy and Public Policy Department.

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