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black history month

Yesterday, at our weekly Inspirational Meeting, members of the Project HOME community gathered to honor Black History Month. Lisa Armstrong, one of our residential Program Managers, and Cassie Anderson, a resident at 1515 Fairmount Avenue, led the program, which featured Lisa’s reflections and a reading of poetry by Maya Angelou.

We are still in a struggle to amply our voices to reshape our narrative – and reshaping is required.  We should think twice about the story we tell ourselves and the story others tell about us. 

Antoinette Richardson performs an original poem with musical accompaniment at the Curtis Institute of Music in April 2017. (Photo by Project HOME)

In celebration of Black History Month, we share this poem by Antoinette Richardson is a resident of Project HOME’s Kate’s Place residence in Center City Philadelphia.  

My ancestors, in chains,
Broken by those who claim they’re superior.
Slave ships holding our brothers in pain.
Now can we see their hard exterior?

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