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Meet the Maker — Lorene Green

“I was heartbroken, I was home-broken,” says resident Miss Lorene when speaking about her life before encountering Project HOME. “They were so nice to me, they gave me a place to stay, a place to call my own. They gave me wholesomeness.” Miss Lorene had been living “door step to door step” when one of our volunteers found her at a crisis center in 2011. Of the experience Miss Lorene, who is now five years sober, says, “God blessed me, because she came.”

Meet the Maker – Brian Mitchell

Without question, Project HOME is a transformative place. But, for one Project HOME resident, the transformation has been more visible than most. Since moving in to supportive housing in April of 2014, resident Bryan Mitchell has managed to lose 50 pounds and quit smoking. Mitchell, a 50-year-old native of Sharon Hill, describes his time at Project HOME as “therapeutic.” Mitchell started out his workout routine small, building up his endurance by working out 15 minutes at a time. 

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