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Democratic National Convention

DNC Events Relevant to Poverty and Homelessness

Below are some events related to issues of poverty during the week of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. We will update this list as we learn of new events. (Project HOME is not directly endorsing these events.)


From Newsworks:

What makes the good life? What are our truths?

These are the philosophical questions that underlie many of our larger political debates.

And they are also the centerpieces of two portable, interactive art installations in the city this week that seek to foster a more productive civic dialogue among Philadelphians.


From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Richard Henry and Robert Jones took a break Tuesday from their maintenance jobs and sat on a ledge outside the Municipal Services Building to watch the protests that had overtaken the plaza.


From Billy Penn:

With the Democratic National Convention in town this week, both the Democratic Party and the City of Philadelphia will do their best to put on a good show. For different reasons, they both want to highlight orderliness, competence, leadership, spectacle, entertainment, compelling drama, and hospitality.


From ThinkProgress

This week, tens of thousands of people will converge on Philadelphia to attend the Democratic National Convention. They’ll swarm a city that is home to roughly 670 people currently living without shelter.

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