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Healthcare and Recovery Services

Protect Access to Healthcare

Email your Congressperson to protect healthcare and vote against the Cassidy-Graham Affordable Care Act Repeal Bill! There are two critical efforts underway that need your attention.

Tell Your US Senators to Protect Medicaid!

Congress is considering unfair changes that will leave hundreds of millions without healthcare. Medicaid is at most risk in these negotiations. It is critical, now more than ever, that our voices are heard, and that our legislators know we pay attention and we care about our healthcare.

Shawn Brown

You can look at Shawn Brown and sense his high energy and strong sense of self.  He exudes a spirit of health.  But it wasn’t always that way.

Shawn moved into Project HOME’s 1515 Fairmount Avenue residence back in 2011, and last year, he made a new home at our Francis House of Peace.  For much of that time, he struggled with his health, often feeling sluggish and down on himself.  His weight was exacerbating an inflamed knee and a bad back.  He also was dealing with diabetes. 

Kristal Campbell, the front desk receptionist at our Stephen Klein Wellness Center, is a busy woman.  She handles the countless visitors and manages much of the happenings in the bustling lobby.  As the Center has gotten busier in recent months (in part due to expanded services), and with some staff shortages, Kristal has ramped up her efforts in dealing with the work load and responsibilities.  She has done so admirably, holding things together at the front desk through thick and thin.  And she does it with a great sense of humor and an unflagging

The Project HOME Community is committed to the health of all our community members -- and the health of the planet.  So we are excited to announce a new Indego bike share location at our Stephen Klein Wellness Center.  On April 28 the site became fully operational along 22nd Street. If you are not familiar with Indego, it is Philadelphia’s bike share program where bicycles are available on a first-come, first-served basis at stations around the city. To check out a bike, you can purchase a bike pass or simply purchase a one-time trip at the station’s kiosk.

Growing Stronger: Personal Recovery Services

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Untying the Knots of the Mind

Dr. Deborah Luepnitz (or “Dr. L.” as she is known at Project HOME) teaches at the University of Pennsylvania and has a private psychoanalytic practice. Fifteen years ago, she began running support groups for staff and residents. In 2005, with a green light from Sister Mary Scullion, she recruited 12 colleagues to offer formerly homeless people long-term, insight-oriented treatment. She calls her group IFA (Insight For All), and they tailor therapy to the needs of the patient, working in ten Project HOME sites.

Hyacinth King tells her riveting story here.

Hyacinth King has been a crucial part of the Project HOME community for more than 18 years. She was on track for success (high school at the prestigious Friend's Select, college at Temple University) when mental illness hit and plunged her into addiction. In this beautiful, eight-minute video, created as part of the Recovery Diaries website, she tells her story and revisits all the s

Summary of recommendations

Recommendations for affordable housing, healthcare, safety, and education.

Over 750 people from across Pennsylvania signed a letter urging Governor-elect Tom Wolf to uphold his commitments in the Vote for Homes Voter's Guide for affordable housing, jobs, and services and to show leadership on these critical issues.


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