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Miss Helen Brown

When Ms. Helen hugged you, you stayed hugged.

One of the pillars of the Project HOME community, Helen Brown passed away on September 5 at the age of 77. Over twenty years ago, Ms. Helen, as everyone called her, welcomed us into the neighborhood around the old St. Elizabeth’s parish in lower north central Philadelphia. She soon became our Community Organizer, and spent the past two decades overseeing a phenomenal transformation in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Philadelphia.

On September 5, 2018, Ms. Helen Brown a prominent figure in the Project HOME community passed away. She leaves behind a legacy of empowerment and transformation and her dedication to the mission of Project HOME will live on in our memories. Please join us, along with her family on September 15, 2018, for a celebration of life as we bid our final farewells to a cornerstone of North Philadelphia and our community.

I Am Project HOME: Helen Brown

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