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Yesterday, we printed an article from our News from HOME newsletter about the Hub of Hope. Today, we print a personal reflection from Kat Delancey about her experience as a volunteer at the Hub.


Winds of near 80 miles per hour. Battering rains. Trees felled. Power lines down.  Overflowing rivers and flooded streets. 


Curtis Stubbs' situation had become dire in the weeks before Project HOME outreach worker Sam Santiago entered his life.

Suffering from untreated schizophrenia and drug addiction, Curtis’ sense of hopelessness had already driven him to attempt suicide once. He was living on a razor’s edge and he knew it; so when Sam offered him a way out, Curtis grabbed it with both hands.

"I'm still working on myself," he admits. "But if I didn't have Project HOME I'd be in one of two places: jail or six feet under. Project HOME is a blessing."


Sean Quebedo threw down the Queen of Hearts, punctuating his win over Joy Johnson in a friendly game of cards. 


Kim Covello is a volunteer for Project HOME who previously blogged about her experience doing street outreach with Sam Santiago of our Outreach Coordination Center. 

It was Sunday, May 15, and I was driving from my Main Line home into Center City Philadelphia, excited and a little nervous. I am a 52-year-old retired attorney and suburban mom. I model for QVC and local commercials part-time and am really into health and fitness. 


This is the second part of a story that was first posted on March 2. Kim Covello is a retired attorney, commercial model, and mom of three. She continues the Journey…  


Kim Covello is a retired attorney, commercial model, and mom of three . In this posting, the first of two parts, she recounts her volunteer experiences, including going on the street with outreach worker Sam Santiago. Kim continues the Journey…

I started a journey … seeking to understand the homeless.  I started this journey as a volunteer for Project HOME, in January 2010.


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