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Point in Time Count

Each year, Philadelphia performs a Point-in-Time (PIT) Count in collaboration with the Youth Count, in January of all homeless individuals living on the streets, unsheltered, or in temporary shelter housing. The PIT and Youth Count count engages concerned citizens and Philadelphia agencies working to eradicate homelessness to help estimate the size of the population in need of housing and critical life supports. 

Why We Count:

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The 2018 Point in Time Count—the annual count conducted to estimate the number of unsheltered and sheltered homeless individuals during a specific moment in time—will be held on January 24, 2018. The PIT Count engages Philadelphia agencies working to eradicate homelessness and concerned citizens; teams lead by experienced Outreach workers and made up of volunteers will walk the City of Philadelphia to collect the total number and characteristics of all unsheltered people.

Doing What Counts | 2017 PIT Count

Jenna Bryant is the PIT Count Coordinator for Project HOME's Outreach Coordination Center.


Caroline Komanecky is a student at Jefferson Medical College. She volunteered for the January 28 Point In Time Census of persons who are homeless on the streets. These are her reflections on her experience.

As I walked the dark and cold streets of Center City at 2 am, I saw a man laying outside of a WaWa, surrounded by vomit. I walked over to him with one of my PIT (Point in Time) Count teammates as he perked up and said “Hey, I remember you, Doctor Caroline!”


From the Philadelphia Inquirer

In the pre-midnight cold, more than 300 people fanned out on Philadelphia streets to count the homeless.

Around 3 a.m. Thursday, the job was over, the census of a complex, enigmatic population recorded for another year.

The so-called January Point-In-Time Count is carried out annually in cities on the same night throughout America, a requirement of the federal government.

[NEWS] Ubiñas: Counting the city's homeless

From the Philadelphia Daily News

THE MEN with the bad legs - the one in the rickety wheelchair and the one with the cane that looks as if it might snap under his weight - are the first to be counted.

Reporter's Notebook: Counting the homeless in West Philadelphia

From The Daily Pennsylvanian

Typically when I see homeless people asking for money in the Penn area, I ignore them. But on Wednesday night, I sought them out.


From the Philly Voice

A group of volunteers will canvass Philadelphia on Wednesday night to count the city’s homeless population in order to gauge the city's progress in fighting homelessness.


PHILADELPHIA, PA  —  Philadelphia will conduct a count of homeless persons on the night of January 21, 2015.  The “Point in Time Count” (or PIT) has been a requirement for federal homelessness funding since 2007:  in Philadelphia, in 2007 the PIT count was 6,740, and in 2014 it was 5,738 (a 15 percent decrease, even better than the 11 percent national average). The Point in Time Count is conducted in Philadelphia through the Philadelphia Continuum of Care, coordinated by the City’s Office of Supportive Housing; in partnership with more than 300 volunteers coordinated by Project HOME.


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