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Project HOME in the News


Fox News recently paid Project HOME a visit for a story on our services, homelessness in Philadelphia, and how the Middleton Partnership is providing important resources in the fight against poverty and homelessness in the city.

Nonprofits, city partner on behalf of housing complex at 810 Arch St.

A nine-story affordable housing project will break ground at 810 Arch St. in September, thanks to an innovative partnership among nonprofit developers and the city to improve the blighted block.

Sister Mary Scullion's Project HOME and the Philadelphia Chinatown Development Corp. (PCDC) will build the $23.5 million apartment complex on what is currently an empty lot on the south side of Arch Street.


The tough and tender mercies of women religious transform the most remote and desolate corners of poverty, misery, and heartache.

Project HOME Wins Award from Urban Land Institute

On June 18, Project HOME accepted the inaugural Willard G. “Bill” Rouse III Award for Excellence from the  Urban Land Institute Philadelphia for the design of JBJ Soul Homes.

JBJ Soul Homes was one of nine projects selected for its "strong integration of community mission, living space and supportive amenities, and how the [design] team maximized a challenging site." 

Project HOME Recognized by Philadelphia City Council

Last week, the Philadelphia City Council recognized Project HOME for "achieving 25 years of providing exceptional services to the homeless population in the City of Philadelphia." Click the link below to read the resolution in its entirety. 


One Step Away, Philadelphia's street newspaper, recently wrote up our  “Vets Finding a Home” art exhibit at 1515 Fairmount Avenue that is running until June 20. Click the link below to read more. Also, check out One Step Away's blog presence at here.


Project HOME released its annual “Outcomes Report” on the Hub of Hope homeless walk-in center earlier this week  The center, located in the concourse beneath Two Penn Center, provides a central location for homeless services in Center City during the winter months.

The report showed that the total number of visits to the center in 2014 tripled from the previous year. There were also sizable increases in the number of unique visitors and the number of individuals placed in housing through the center


Jon Bon Jovi sits on a wooden bench in Red Bank, N.J., rubbing the throbbing right foot that three weeks earlier had undergone surgery for plantar fasciitis. Behind him is JBJ Soul Kitchen, the restaurant run by his charitable foundation, and in front of him are volunteer groundskeepers tending to the vegetable garden. He waves off suggestions that he should join them for a photo, but not because of his physical condition.


In celebration of its 25th anniversary, Philadelphia non-profit Project HOME launched a video and photo exhibit that highlights experiences and life altering events of homeless veterans.

The film’s videographer Mark Lyons says these stories give not just a face, but a voice to some of the more than 62,000 veterans who are homeless every night.


Project HOME, this week, will open an exhibit of photographs and a video telling the stories of homeless veterans. The exhibit draws attention to the high rate of homelessness among veterans.

Vince Sangmeister never saw combat, but he believes he contributed to national security during the cold war, when — as a Russian linguist for the Air Force — he was stationed at the Berlin Wall to eavesdrop.


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