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Unexpected Turns: Wes' Story

Andrea Szyper worked with Project HOME in the 1990s.  She does occasional volunteer writing for this blog.

“When I am posing I have time to think.”

Wes, an occasional artists' model (just one of his art-related endeavors), is a man who is finally at peace with his own thoughts.

September is National Recovery Month.  We share this reflection from Veronica Colon, who serves as Project HOME’s Addictions Specialist for several of our residences.  She shared this at one of our Tuesday Morning Inspirational Meetings.


On April 21, ten interns graduated from our PECO Veterans Training and Employment Program. Thomas Walker was one of them, and will leave the program to work with Manna.

Thomas Walker was born in Richland, Georgia. He was very young when his father deserted his family. At nine, he was kidnapped by his paternal aunt and brought to Philadelphia, where several members of his father’s family lived. His mother had no idea what had transpired and concluded her son had drowned in a nearby swamp. His abrupt removal from his mother “left a hole in my heart,” remembers Thomas.

Dozens of members of the Project HOME participated in the 2014 Philadelphia Recovery Walk last Saturday, September 20.  Sponsored by Pro-ACT, the Recovery Walk brings together several thousand persons from around the city and region to celebrate recovery.  The group marched from Penn’s Landing along the waterfront into Old City, with chants, singing, colorful banners and sign.  The festivity were brimming with beauty, hope, and a sense of a truly empowered community. 

Some of the participants from Project HOME shared their reflections on the event:

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