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The following article is featured in the Summer 2017 edition of News From HOME, our quarterly print newsletter.

A Christmas Story

This is a Christmas reflection written several years ago by Will O’Brien, a member of the Project HOME community.  As we look to this year’s Christmas celebration, and as we are preparing for this year’s Homeless Memorial Day, it seems worthwhile to share this.

Happy To Be At Home

Earlier this year, Project HOME’s Property Management Department did its periodic survey of all our residents.  In an efforts to maintain the highest standards and to be most effective in our mission, we sought residents’ input, feedback, and comments on matters ranging from the building’s physical appearance, to staff accessibility and professionalism, to the sense of community felt among residents and the satisfaction with the community events.  We assess all the feedback and identify ways we can improve and best meet the needs of our community members.

Shawn Brown

You can look at Shawn Brown and sense his high energy and strong sense of self.  He exudes a spirit of health.  But it wasn’t always that way.

Shawn moved into Project HOME’s 1515 Fairmount Avenue residence back in 2011, and last year, he made a new home at our Francis House of Peace.  For much of that time, he struggled with his health, often feeling sluggish and down on himself.  His weight was exacerbating an inflamed knee and a bad back.  He also was dealing with diabetes. 

We are eagerly looking forward to tomorrow night, when the latest Project HOME art show open.  Our “Artists For All Season” has its grand opening and reception on Wednesday, October 26, 6:00 – 8:00 pm, at Drexel University’s URBN Center, 3501 Market Street.  This show is a partnership with Drexel University, and will feature drawings, painting, and photos by several Project HOME artists who have been part of our Art Program.

We are very excited to announce that Project HOME artist James Webster will have two of his pieces on display as part of an exhibit at PhilaMOCA, an alternative art space at 12th and Spring Garden Streets.   The show is titled “ ’Merica,” and will open with a reception this Friday, July 1.  The exhibit will hang through the end of the Democratic National Convention (July 28).

The following article is in the just-released spring edition of our News from HOME print newsletter.

Richard Bogue is a long-time resident of Project HOME and frequently shares his poems and writings with the Project HOME community and with the broader public.  He recently wrote this poem, which he shared at a recent All Resident Meeting.  It is in honor of many vets who have come through Project HOME.


There was a guy named Johnny Philly

Who came to live at Project HOME;

He was a little guy (not dumb)

Who had a great big heart of gold.


At first Johnny felt anxious, nervous

Hyacinth King tells her riveting story here.

Hyacinth King has been a crucial part of the Project HOME community for more than 18 years. She was on track for success (high school at the prestigious Friend's Select, college at Temple University) when mental illness hit and plunged her into addiction. In this beautiful, eight-minute video, created as part of the Recovery Diaries website, she tells her story and revisits all the s

Project HOME’s Advocacy Committee hosted a meet-and-greet session with the candidates for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the 195th District on Tuesday, July 28. This Tuesday, August 11, there is a special election in the 195th District to fill the vacant seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. (Former Rep.


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