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Spirit of Generosity; donors

As a first-grader at Gwynedd Mercy Academy Elementary, Adam Welsh attended a 2017 presentation with Sister Mary Scullion. He left the event knowing that even a single dollar could have an impact in the life of someone engaged in Project HOME’s mission. Fast forward to the sprawling COVID-19 pandemic and Adam’s thoughts returned to Project HOME. “I don’t want anyone to be hungry,” said Adam, now nine-years-old. “I don’t want anyone to have to worry about getting their food when they need to focus on their health.”  

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Just before Christmas in the late 1980’s, Gene Epstein and his wife, Marlene, dressed up as Santa Claus and, together with their son and daughter, packed up a truck-full of boots, socks, mittens, and coats, went to Center City, and passed them out to individuals they met who were living on the streets.  When they were finished, they had a few left over and asked someone if they knew of an organization that might need them. They were directed to Project HOME and the rest is history. 

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