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Transformation Tuesday

Learn more about how Izzy was able to transform her circumstances by joining the Project HOME community and becoming an active member of the Alumni Program, Advocacy, and the Residential Advisory Board. Through hard work and support, she has been able to successfully navigate through her Project HOME journey and find stability in life.

Meet Benjamin, who came into Project HOME after hearing about our services, while on the streets battling addiction. From his days on the streets to volunteering with Advocacy, he has been able to leverage those experience and fulfill a childhood aspiration of helping others.

Meet Karen, who has worked with Project HOME for the last 7 years, in various roles serving our community.  Describing her time at Project HOME as "powerful, life-giving and a returning of her humanity'" She speaks graciously about her journey to Philadelphia and how she has grown through her experiences at Project HOME.

Eunid makes it clear that recovery is possible. A former resident and now Project HOME Alumni and Residential Service Coordinator,  she shares her testimony and sheds light on how the Project HOME community has helped her get back on her feet and off the streets.

Meet Zarah Teachy who joined the Project HOME community as a resident after meeting Sister Mary Scullion on the streets of Philadelphia years ago.  The chance meeting in the early stages of Project HOME's outreach efforts has led Zarah on a journey where she was able to achieve far more than she could ever imagine.

Meet Ericka a Project HOME Alumni, who shares her transformation Tuesday story. Listen to how she was able to utilize the full services of our Honickman Learning Center to gain volunteer experience, earn a GED and become a full-time employee.

Tanisha has been a part of the Project HOME community since she was 10 years old. From homelessness to hope, hear her transformational story.

Alonda Jones, a reliable and friendly presence at the front desk at our 1515 Fairmount Avenue main office, shares her #TransformationTuesday story and the impact that Project HOME has had on her life for the last 20 years.

Wes, a workshop leader in our candle-making program, shares how he has been able to use the principles of Project HOME to stay focused, balanced, and rooted in success.

While experiencing homelessness, Brian used to strum his guitar in the streets for some change. Now a manager at Meg Saligman Studios, Brian shares his journey of transformation and the impact of the opportunities Project HOME has afforded.


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