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From the Philadelphia Inquirer

Around 400 people - many of them homeless - crowded into the Broad Street Ministry early Thursday evening to hear the mayoral candidates talk about poverty.


From CBS

With the primary less than two weeks away, Project HOME hosted a mayoral forum Thursday night that focused on poverty and other issues.

Candidates and representatives from both parties came out to the Broad Street Ministry in Center City to outline their plans of ways to combat homelessness. According to the organization, more than 25-percent of people in Philadelphia face poverty.


From Newsworks

"On election day," said Sister Mary Scullion, according to the Inquirer, "it's important for us to take note who showed up today."

Those words were uttered in connection with Thursday night's Vote For Homes' Real Solutions for Hunger and Homelessness Mayoral Candidates Forum, which drew an estimated 400 people to the Broad Street Ministry.


From the Philadelphia Daily News

In the city's poorest neighborhood, registered voters can tell you the cost of a gallon of milk, down to the penny.

They can tell you the exact profit margin gained from hawking bottled water, bought by the case, for $1 apiece on the street.


PHILADELPHIA, May 6, 2015 - How will the next Mayor address Philadelphia’s 27 percent poverty rate - the highest of the ten largest cities in America, and the unacceptable numbers of those experiencing homelessness and hunger that plagues our city?

Come find out at the Vote For Homes Real Solutions to Hunger and Homelessness Mayoral Candidates Forum on Thursday, May 7, 6:30-8:30 pm at Broad Street Ministry (on Broad between Spruce and Pine Streets).


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