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Vote for Homes Coalition

Get involved with the Vote for Homes! Coalition, a nonpartisan advocacy effort focused on housing, jobs, and services.
Since 1999, Vote for Homes! has registered more than 16,000 voters and mobilized thousands to vote. You can join us!
DNC Events Relevant to Poverty and Homelessness

Below are some events related to issues of poverty during the week of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. We will update this list as we learn of new events. (Project HOME is not directly endorsing these events.)


Primary Election Day in Pennsylvania is Tuesday, April 26
Polls are open from 7 AM - 8 PM

A few tips:
•    Who can vote? Voters registered as Democrats or Republicans may vote in their party’s Primary Election on Tuesday, April 26. Registered voters with no party affiliation may only vote on ballot questions during the Primary Election.
•    Where do I vote? Confirm your voter registration and find your Pennsylvania polling place -

Videographer Christopher Brown cut together his footage of Mayor Kenney discussing how he would work to end homelessness and alleviate poverty in Philadelphia from the May 7, 2015 Vote For Homes Real Solutions to Hunger and Homelessness Mayoral Forum and created this terrific piece above. Definitely worth your time. After watching, make sure to sign the Vote For Homes welcome letter to Mayor Kenney and ask him to keep ending poverty and homelessness as the center of his work.

Welcome Mayor Kenney - Please sign the welcome letter!

Welcome Mayor Kenney! Please sign the Vote For Homes Coalition petition to welcome Mayor Kenney and ask him to keep ending poverty and homelessness as the center of his work. Sign the petition today and share with your networks!

In just a few weeks on December 17, at the threshold of the darkest night of the year, people will gather outside City Hall with candles to remember how deadly poverty is, and how unforgiving are the streets of Philadelphia. Homeless Memorial Day, organized annually by a broad coalition of organizations, remembers those who have experienced homelessness and have died in 2015. It is a somber gathering. Every name is spoken into the air like a benediction.

Election Day is Tuesday, November 3
Polls are open from 7 AM - 8 PM
Where do I vote? Confirm your voter registration and find your polling place -
What will the next mayor and city council do to end and prevent homelessness? This election is critical for the future of our city!  
What does the Pennsylvania Supreme Court do and how does it impact me?

In order to vote in the November 3rd Election, voters must be registered by Monday, October 5! 

Project HOME’s Advocacy Committee hosted a meet-and-greet session with the candidates for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the 195th District on Tuesday, July 28. This Tuesday, August 11, there is a special election in the 195th District to fill the vacant seat in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives. (Former Rep.

Voting For Justice

In 1999, the city of Philadelphia faced a mayoral election. Throughout the eight-year tenure of then-outgoing mayor Ed Rendell, homelessness was a critical issue for the city, with many struggles but also signs of hope.


Vote For Homes Coalition has rides available on Election Day, May 19, for people living in shelters and affordable housing in Philadelphia. 

For best results, return this form by fax to 215-232-7277 to Vote For Homes by Monday, May 18, 2015 at 3 pm. You can also call 215-232-7272 or fax the information on Election Day and we will do our best to accommodate you.