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We Are Stronger Together

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Your generosity has touched so many lives. Project HOME is a strong community of formerly homeless individuals and families, and many people, just like you, who believe that homelessness is solvable. Your steadfast support saves lives and offers opportunities to the thousands of individuals we serve each year - just like Barbara and her children. Your kindness brings us ever closer to realizing our mission of being the first major city to end and prevent chronic street homelessness in Philadelphia. For 30 years, dedicated friends like you have made it possible for thousands to access safe, affordable housing, employment opportunities, health care, and education. Thank you for joining with us!
Your encouragement, and stories like Barbara’s, give us the strength to press on. There are still so many who are suffering on our streets. We know how to solve homelessness, and the solution lies within all of us. Simply put, you are essential to this work.
Lasting change is only possible when we come together with shared commitment and conviction. Thank you for sharing our belief that a better future for all Philadelphians is within reach because none of us are home until all of us are home.


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Barbara's Story
Barbara's Story
The most important thing in life to Barbara* is her family. She smiles while her boys play hide and seek in her home, as her baby girl kicks in the womb, and when she talks about her eight-year-old son’s reading level progressing. “I’m so proud of him because he was so frustrated,” she said. “He came a long way and now he’s reading to me!”
The make-up of Barbara’s family has changed over the years. As a little girl, she was taken from her abusive mom to live in a foster home. After leaving her foster mom, she didn’t have anywhere to go. She stayed in a shelter for seven months before coming to Project HOME. She found Project HOME when she was pounding the pavement looking for work near her shelter. She applied for an apartment and was accepted. It changed her life.
Case managers have been there when she’s struggled as a single parent. The Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs, down the street from her residence, has nurtured her children in their learning. When it comes to food, holidays, and birthdays-the family support from Project HOME is always there and Barbara can’t imagine what life would’ve been like without that support.
Next she is looking forward to the arrival of her fourth child, and learning to become a bus driver so she can be around for her children at the end of the school day. She is also starting up her own small business making hygiene products. She feels her Project HOME family has allowed her to take her dreams and bring them to life, helping her every step of the way. For that she is eternally grateful.

*Resident names and images are changed, when requested, to protect privacy.

Supportive Housing Works In Philadelphia
We continue construction on Maguire Residence in Kensington–42 homes for formerly homeless and low-income individuals committed to recovery. This will open in March and residents will receive supportive services focused on recovery and employment, leading to greater economic independence.
In 2020 we will break ground on Peg’s Place, 40 permanent, supportive homes for formerly homeless and low-income individuals, including 10 apartments dedicated to young adults aging out of foster care–offering education, medical care and workforce solutions.
In 2021 we will break ground on our next residence in Kensington for individuals who are street homeless with substance use disorder and those exiting treatment programs after experiencing homelessness. We will have a small center for Employment and Education on-site and will be able to offer Medication Assisted Treatment for opioid use disorder on-site as well.
Our Strength Grows In Community
You provided homes for 894 adults and youth like Barbara and her family. You have proven that permanent supportive housing works: It is a concrete, proven, cost-effective solution that, with your help, can bring about the end of chronic street homelessness in Philadelphia.
You have also proven that coordinated street outreach, through the Outreach Coordination Center and the Hub of Hope in Suburban Station, can ensure the poorest big city in America can maintain the lowest number of people living on the street.
There is no better representation of your commitment to education than the more than 800 adults, children, and young adults that have access to quality education because of you. At the Honickman Learning Center and Comcast Technology Labs, our afterschool, summer, and college access programs help our K-12 students graduate from high school and support them when they move on to college. The expanded adult learning program equips residents and community members with the tools they need to complete their GED, develop technology skills, and prepare for meaningful work.
You understand that being sick can be expensive, both in terms of time and resources. This is especially true when health insurance is unattainable and medical facilities are located far from home. You have made it possible for our Healthcare Services to bring vital resources to those most in need, where they are, with no payment barriers to care. What began as a modest neighborhood health clinic has expanded to the Stephen Klein Wellness Center and an expanding array of satellite locations providing primary care, behavioral health, dental, pharmacy, pre- and postnatal care, and Medication Assisted Treatment for opioid dependence.
You helped residents and community members have access to individualized services and the opportunity to participate in the Workforce Solutions program at Project HOME. Your support provides job training and supportive apprenticeships that prepare adults with a history of chronic street homelessness, and young adults who have aged out of foster care, to enter competitive, living-wage employment that builds self-esteem and breaks the cycle of poverty.
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