Black History Month Reading List

Ra Mendoza
5 images of books written by Black authors with the text, "HOMEbooks Black History Month Reading List" in a box outline underneath it. Red, yellow, and green triangles surrounding them.

Happy Black History Month from HOMEbooks!

We are proud to highlight the black authors we have selected for our Black History Month Reading List!

These books are available to purchase on all our online seller sites. You can find those Here


Lola Leroy, Frances E.W. Harper 

“One of the first novel’s published by an African American woman that deals with the social issues facing African American women at that time.”  


Soldiers of Freedom, Kai Wright 

“Stories and pictures of African American soldiers spanning the American Revolution to the War in Afghanistan, some rare and never before seen.”  


Bad Boy Brawly Brown, Walter Mosley 

“An engaging crime thriller written by one of America’s greatest fiction writers.” 


Where Do We Go From Here,  M.L. King Jr, 

“Dr. King Jr.’s last book is a reflection on the Civil Rights Movement and a call to hope.”  


African Dark Light, Chukwu John David 

“A riveting story of the realities and tensions of a pre-colonial Nigerian Clan working to preserve their traditions as they encounter missionaries from the West.” 


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