Cutting the ribbon at the grand opening celebration for Project HOME's JBJ Soul Homes, an MPOWER project



With a deep belief in the value and dignity of every human life, we are a unique community investment partnership that serves as a supercharged support engine and impact multiplier for Project HOME.

Sister Mary Scullion and John Middleton embracing

Why We Exist

MPOWER is committed to supporting Project HOME in its mission to break the cycle of homelessness for all people.


Groundbreaking of 24145 North Broad Street residence

MPOWER Origins: How It All Started

Homelessness is a complex and deeply human issue that has been shown to be solvable in our lifetime.


Leigh and John Middleton

A Transformational Partner That Became A Partnership

In 2011, Leigh and John Middleton toured Project HOME and saw the power of our approach to ending homelessness.


The Five MPOWER Things

MPOWER today

MPOWER multiplies our impact in five key areas: investments, relationships, resources, advocacy, and evidence.


A Youth Movement at JBJ Soul Homes

Cheryl Ann Davis delivered beautiful remarks at the grand opening ceremony for JBJ Soul Homes in April 2014.

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