A Youth Movement at JBJ Soul Homes

Project HOME

Among the celebrants that joined Project HOME on Tuesday, April 22 to witness the grand opening of JBJ Soul Homes was new youth resident Cheryl Ann Davis.

Cheryl Ann is one of  several young people aging out of foster care and taking up residence at JBJ Soul Homes, and her thoughtful, beautiful remarks brought tears to the eyes of many at Tuesday's grand opening. 

Cheryl Ann's Remarks

Cheryl Ann's Poem 

Mother oh mother, where did you go?  
Did The Lord carry you home? Why am I asking you, I will never know,  
What was your purpose in my life. 
To say it better, I do not know what my purpose is, in this life. 
But hopefully, we meet each other in the next life, 
But for now, long live my queen, my mother, the once great lived human being. 
I will live for you; I will carry out your name,  

Through graduate school, even when I reach fame.  
Oh mother oh mother, I would give anything, to hear you call my name. 

I am a part of the fallen, but I have not failed.  
You see that I hide, as I reveal my head, beneath this dark veil.  
I will tell you a story, 

Seized from my mother’s home at just 2 years of age, 

After 4 years we reunited, this is when  
I noticed my mother at age 7. 
Innocence’s were gone since age 7. 
I was just a child, sweet as heaven. 
Mother is dead; she has gone  
I was age 11. 
From 11 plus 6 more I endured hatred.  
After 17 I became nomadic.  
At age 19 I fell in love with a man, 
Which felt like heaven.  
7 or 8 times he pounded me, of what I had left of my chastity.  
Age 20 I found myself in a shelter 
The world had became real. 
I had finally awaken from my dream 

And snapped back into reality.

Planted as a white rose 
Surrounded by livid black roses 

Blossomed into an orchid. 
As I recite these words, to covenant house and their Rights of Passage staff. 
I am speaking to you 
To your  warm hearts 
You gave me a fresh start 
I had no home 

Since my mother has been gone 
No home to call my home 
Your shelter was my new home 
Where I grew 
I grew to know me 
I grew to an employed me 
I grew to an educated me 
I became happy and grew into a thinner me 
I grew into dreams, and now turning them into realities.  
Covenant house  
You were the foundation of my first steps to success.  
My life was questioned for 20 years 
I noticed results, so I stopped asking.  
The Lord, he answered my call 
He used his good and faithful servants of this earth 
His servants of Project Home and the Jon Bon Jovi Soul Foundation.  
They were called upon to answer my prayers 
Where I shall not want or need from no users or wrong doers 
Where I will no longer be a victim of abuse 
Where I shall live for me and continue my post-secondary education and fulfill my Law Dreams 
Where no weapon formed against me shall prosper 
As our slogan goes, 
None of us are home 
Until all of us are home  
I take it to the soul, as  
I embrace this gift  
To call JBJ soul homes  
My new profound home. 

This is not my full story and I am not weak. 
I sit back and watch others complain as I remain meek. 
My life has defined me. 
It has graced and made me sleek. 
My pass is the tool that gets me through the streets 

Day in night and every week.  
I am thankful for the life I was given. 
If I hated it, it I would probably not be living. 

Oh mother oh mother  
I am in good hands.  
You can rest peacefully now, 
I am in good hands. 

None of us are home until all of us are home®