Coming Soon! HOMEmade's Black History Month Candle Collection

Ra Mendoza
HOMEmade logo with the words Project HOMEmade Honors Black History Month underneath it. The words Rejoicing in Tradition and Community are at the bottom.

Step into a world of wisdom and strength with our Black History Collection. Celebrate Black History Month with our sweet, fresh, and woodsy scented candles that pay tribute to the rich traditions and power of black culture. Experience the royalty and silky softness of our products influenced by generations of love and courage. Light our candles and be inspired!

This collection will be available in February! Visit Project HOMEmade.


Wear Your Colors 

Hold your head high, so the wind can blow through your hair. 

Hold your hands open, so your fellow man can openly share. 

Openminded is needed, it allows both dreams and ideas in full. 

Steady your breathing, this sea of life will continue to push and pull. 


Light this wick, allow my hopes and dreams for you to bear fruit. 

As the fire rages, may the soil of the forest and your path constitute. 

Your reflection in my eyes, the royalty you descend from is apparent and acute. 

See you to see me, rally 'round our oneness and let love be our institute. 

Allen Turner 

None of us are home until all of us are home®