HOMEbooks loves volunteers!

Ra Mendoza
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We’ve been so fortunate to have consistent volunteers over these last couple of months and it has truly made such a difference! 


There is something so encouraging and uplifting when people volunteer their time and energy to support our efforts here at HOMEbooks. The mission of HOMEbooks and all our Social Enterprise business initiatives is to offer supportive and skill-building environments for residents of Project HOME. We believe that an important component in the fight against homelessness and poverty is accessing opportunities for self-sufficiency and fulfillment through employment. All of our social enterprises are fully staffed by residents, providing them with an opportunity to overcome barriers to employment.  When volunteers come and spend time with the HOMEbooks team, they are not just doing work and helping out, they are joining us in our mission and sharing our commitment to the dignity of all people and everyone’s right to come home.  They are sharing their time, their energy, their stories, and their laughter with our HOMEbooks team. Being an online book seller, the team doesn’t often get to interact face to face much with folks who are interested in our bookstore and its mission. So, when people choose to come and spend a few hours in the basement of 1515 with us, it means so much!  


We love it when folks come and volunteer with us! If you’d like to volunteer with Project HOME and HOMEbooks, please reach out to Taylor Perkins, Volunteer and In-Kind Gifts Coordinator, for more information. 

[email protected]

None of us are home until all of us are home®