How We Describe HOMEbooks

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How We Define HOMEbooks

HOMEbooks is a social enterprise business initiative out of Project HOME. Being a business means that we collect a profit for the goods we sell and work to compete in the marketplace. 

The profit collected helps us employ our residents and alumni, to further the mission of Project HOME. The meaning behind the phrase, “social enterprise,” is what makes us much more than a business! A social enterprise is a business rooted mission of bettering its community, the people it employs, and promoting social welfare. For Project HOME, that social welfare is our firm commitment that, “None of us are home, until all of us are home.” 

Our businesses here at Project HOME are rooted in the commitment of alleviating poverty and ending homelessness in Philadelphia by creating jobs and fostering a supportive environment for our resident and alumni employees that support their transition into the job market. 

Yes, HOMEbooks is a business AND it is also a community, a place to learn, a source of income for our resident and alumni employees, and a supportive environment! 

When you donate your books or make a purchase from our seller sites, you are supporting a mission driven business that is committed to supporting us all to our fullest potential. We hope you can get to know us and add your own description!

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