I Am Project HOME: Jeanne Ciocca

I Am Project HOME: Jeanne Ciocca

“Jeanne truly understands the needs of our most vulnerable residents and is consistent in her advocacy for both staff and residents,” said residential director and colleague, Christina Fidanza. When you first meet Jeanne, you will be struck by her warmth, openness, and positivity. What you’ll quickly learn is Jeanne’s willingness to help, which is why Christina loves working with her.  

Jeanne has worked with Project HOME for about 10 years in a few different roles.  Her current work involves overseeing four of our congregate-living residences: 1515 Fairmount Avenue, Kairos House, St. Columba, and Women of Change. The last two sites are safe havens, which are low-barrier, permanent living spaces and are sometimes a first step for someone who has experienced chronic street homelessness.

“Jeanne truly understands the needs of our most vulnerable residents.”

What Jeanne loves most about working with Project HOME residents is sharing in new opportunities that someone might be seeing for the first time. “It’s not always easy work,” she says. "But it is very rewarding because you’re watching something unfold.” 

Growing up in a military family, Jeanne loves to have things organized. When she first started working as a residential director, she inherited some sites from her colleague Carolyn Crouch-Robinson. Carolyn wouldn’t have trusted just anyone with her buildings and residents. “I looked after Kairos House for 10 years and it wasn’t until Jeanne came along that I was ready to hand it over,” said Carolyn.  

Every day Jeanne rolls up her sleeves and gets to work no matter the challenges. Her compassion and deep connection to residents can be seen in the many ways she shows up for Project HOME time and time again.  


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