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TELL CONGRESS: Act NOW to support Build Back Better

Jennine Miller
Tell Congress

January 2022 Update: Negotiations remain underway for the Build Back Better Bill as members of the Senate work to ensure that historic investments for affordable housing remain on the bill. Please act and contact your elected officials urging them to prioritize the spending related to homelessness and poverty!
President Biden and Congress are continuing to negotiate a massive “Build Back Better” plan that includes $300 billion for affordable housing and services and billions in other programs that will substantially reduce homelessness and poverty. This is the largest proposed single investment for housing in our lifetime! (To learn more about House America and Build Back Better, click here.)

The House of Representatives voted on Friday, November 19 to approve the “Build Back Better Act, a $1.75 trillion economic recovery package that includes more than $150 billion in affordable housing investments! 

Now we need to tell our Senators how vitally important housing is to equity and economic recovery, and that we need their help to bring America home. We know that America has the resources to end homelessness, and we have historic opportunity to invest in affordable housing and use our tax dollars for the common good. Congress recently passed the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill without resources for affordable housing - this is our chance to increase resources for housing and services to end homelessness.

Now that President Biden has signed the infrastructure bill, we need Congress to take action on the Build Back Better Bill to include many resources to combat poverty and increase access to affordable housing, healthcare, and services including:

  • $25 billion to expand rental assistance to an estimated 300,000 new households
  • $24 billion for Housing Choice Vouchers
  • $15 billion for the national Housing Trust Fund to build and preserve over 150,000 affordable, accessible homes for households with the lowest incomes.  
  • Expansion of the Low-Income Housing Tax Credit program with targeting for the most vulnerable people
  • Improved and expanded social services to support people in need
  • New grants for reducing community violence
  • Support for keeping people with behavioral health challenges out of the prison  

Please join us in asking our Senators to invest $300 billion in affordable housing and services as part of the Build Back Better Act that is being negotiated in Congress.

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