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TELL CONGRESS: Act NOW to support House America and Build Back Better

Jennine Miller
Tell Congress

Two current federal actions are getting a lot of attention in the housing world, House America and Build Back Better (more here). House America is a partnership of elected officials across the country with the US Department of Housing and Urban Development and the US Interagency Council on Homelessness to focus resources on ending and preventing homelessness. Build Back Better comprises the infrastructure and tax companion to the American Rescue Plan passed last spring. Build Back Better would provide many new resources targeted at infrastructure development, job creation, and tax fairness, while House America is a call to specifically focus resources on ending and preventing homelessness. Join us to tell Congress how vitally important housing is to equity and economic recovery, and that we need their help to bring America home.We know that America has the resources to end homelessness, and we have historic opportunity to invest in affordable housing and use our tax dollars for the common good. Congress is moving forward quickly on a $1.2 billion investment in American infrastructure, setting the stage for a broader $3.5 trillion budget package including many resources to combat poverty and increase access to affordable housing and health care.

Please join us in asking our US Representatives and Senators to invest at least $318 billion in affordable housing as part of the budget reconciliation bill that is being negotiated in Congress.

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