Economic Study

The Economic and Societal Impact of Project HOME

This report serves as an update to a 2011 study on the economic and fiscal impact of Project HOME’s facilities and expenditures on the Philadelphia and Pennsylvania economies, and on the neighborhoods in which Project HOME has a physical presence. Since that report was issued, Project HOME has achieved many significant milestones, including:

  • Opening six new residential sites, offering more than 300 additional units of affordable housing and 62 new recovery-focused beds for a total of 894 housing units;
  • Establishing the Haas Initiative for Integrated Recovery and Employment, which has tripled annual job placements among Project HOME residents;
  • Launching a young adult program through a multi-year grant from the Neubauer Family Foundation; and
  • Opening a 28,000-square-foot integrated healthcare service center called the Stephen Klein Wellness Center.

Therefore, this report serves as an updated analysis of the capital investment projects and the ongoing operations of Project HOME. Further, the report examines how the presence of Project HOME facilities serves local communities in economic terms and through engagement initiatives.

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