Meet Your Hosts: Rising Leader Maddie Soffer

Maddie Soffer
Meet Your Hosts: Rising Leader Maddie Soffer

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Growing up in the suburbs, I frequently took trips into Philadelphia where the harsh reality of how many people were living on the streets was very apparent to me. As a little girl, I would cry and ask my parents to stop to offer them something to eat. As I became older, that feeling never changed; every time I passed someone, I felt that sinking feeling in my gut and the helplessness of not knowing how I could assist them in an impactful way.

When I moved into the city five years ago, I knew I had to do something more proactive to help those experiencing homelessness. My research began immediately, and it didn’t take long to find Project HOME. Their prominence and impact in Philadelphia are hard to miss, and the reach of the organization addresses all the basic human needs–physical wellbeing, safety, and, just as importantly, belonging, connection, and love. It’s apparent that Project HOME sees the bigger picture of what brings people to the streets and how to bring them inside permanently. 

I knew I wanted to get involved, and soon stumbled upon the Rising Leaders committee where I was able to join like-minded individuals who I connected with through our common passion and commitment to Project HOME’s mission. The committee provides a wide range of opportunities to get involved–I’ve hosted holiday parties at Project HOME residences, planned and attended the annual fundraiser, Bring Philly HOME, and volunteered through a number of other opportunities at Project HOME, all of which have allowed me to learn about the various facets of the organization. Now I am the Co-Chair of the Rising Leaders where I get to play an even greater role. My favorite parts of being a Rising Leader include connecting with the residents in a meaningful way and meeting many wonderful individuals at the organization.

Project HOME and the Rising Leaders have helped me open my eyes even further to the journey that someone experiencing homelessness may endure, and I feel so appreciative to join the mission and assist in even a small way to get one step closer to ending and preventing chronic street homelessness in Philadelphia. 


Interested in learning more about the Rising Leaders Committee? Click here for more on the committee and how to get involved.

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