[NEWS] Local organizations help voters with housing insecurity

[NEWS] Local organizations help voters with housing insecurity

From the Philadelphia Gay News:

Likewise, Project HOME, an organization working to end homelessness and alleviate poverty in Philadelphia, developed an informational non-partisan voters’ guide. As a part of the Vote for Homes Coalition (which includes Broad Street Ministry, Bethesda Project, Pennsylvania Voice, as well as other regional organizations), the guide provides direct responses from the mayoral candidates in regard to what their plan is to prevent and end homelessness. 

The Vote for Homes Coalition is a non-partisan group advocating for affordable housing and other social services in Philadelphia, as well as assisting and mobilizing housing insecure and homeless voters.  

Jennine Miller, Project HOME’s Director of Advocacy and Community Engagement, said that the upcoming election is important for the city “because the next mayor can end homelessness and ensure that people have access to affordable housing.” 

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