Students Learn to Fly at Honickman Learning Center Comcast Technology Labs

Paul Dunneville
Bernard Connor sitting in a chair

“There were so many avenues that people could take that were productive.” - Bernard Conner 

Shown: Bernard Connor (right) performing in 2014.

I am fortunate to have met so many young and talented artists at Project HOME. One person that had a huge impact at the Honickman Learning Center Comcast Technology Labs (HLCCTL) during his enrollment in the College Access Program from 2011–2015, was Mr. Bernard Conner.   

Ten years ago, when he was freshman at Dobbins High School, Bernard helped to create Project HOME’s Inner Power Records recording label. As an aspiring rapper, Bernard took full advantage of the opportunities at the HLCCTL, spending nearly every day after school inside the recording studio working on his music.   

After graduating from high school, Bernard went on to study music at Community College of Philadelphia. After about a year and a half of study, he decided to enter the workforce. The working world has provided him with a rich education in sales, marketing, communications, and patience. He enjoys the work and seems to have found his niche. In his current role of leading door-to-door marketing campaigns, he’s traveled to California, New York, Maryland, and Texas.   

Bernard has shown tremendous growth since 2011. In terms of where he is in his career now, he said, “I’m becoming more passionate about developing others…and I really want to help those who want the help.” He continues to reflect on his experiences with Project HOME and feels that “the center helped out so many people and there were so many avenues that people could take that were productive.”   

Bernard continues his forward progression in life and in music, and after a long hiatus, he recently started recording and releasing music again. So, stay tuned. 


Paul Dunneville is the Workforce Manager for Creative Arts at the HLCCTL.

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