We’re taking HOMEbooks outside for the summer!

Project HOME
HOMEbooks' Pop Up Shop at 1515 Fairmount Ave.

This summer we’re setting up shop outside! Every other Friday throughout the summer we’ll be hosting a HOMEbooks Pop Up Book Shop in front of 1515 Fairmount Ave location from 11am-5pm.  

HOMEbooks is our online used book selling business, and one of our 3 social enterprise initiatives here at Project HOME. Our social enterprise business initiatives exist to create supportive employment opportunities for our residents and alumni.  

Rodney, a resident at Project HOME, has been working at HOMEbooks since July 2022. He enjoys researching and organizing the books and says, "The money that’s made is redistributed back into our homeless programs. It’s a major part of the work here.”

Rodney enjoys researching and organizing the books at HOMEbooks.

He believes in the power behind the pages of a book. Rodney says it's important to learn new information from reading at age. “I’ve encountered a lot of people that are older and don’t know how to read. I feel like it’s very important to get books out there for people, especially for the youth, so we won’t have many older people that don’t know how to read and write.”

Gently used book donations from individuals, businesses, community organizations, and religious groups sustain our online book inventory and are available for purchase on Amazon, Alibris, and ABE Books!  

Our Pop Ups are not only a great way to sell some books, but to also meet our neighbors and share about who we are! If you’re local, stop by and say hello. We’d love to get to know you!

Pop Up Book Shop dates:

June 30

July 14, 28

August 11, 28

September 8 

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