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From the Philadelphia City Paper

Sister Mary Scullion on Thursday told participants at the National Conference on Ending Homelessness that Pope Francis' visit to the United States this fall offers a "historic opportunity" to do something concrete about the housing and homeless crisis in this country.


From Al Dia News

“I experienced poverty and hunger. Sleeping in cars and knocking on doors for food. It came to the point where I just stopped eating all together to save food for my grandson and you can see it still lingers on, that’s the kind of impact this has on you,” said María Guzman, a North Philly resident and member of the World Meeting of Families Hunger and Homelessness Committee.


From the Philadelphia Daily News

Sister Mary Scullion yesterday announced a campaign to address poverty in Philadelphia in time for Pope Francis' visit.

Scullion's Project HOME and the World Meeting of Families Hunger and Homelessness Committee unveiled the three-pronged Mercy and Justice Initiative outside the Free Library.


From the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Advocates for the poor announced a fund-raising campaign Monday that is as pragmatic as it is spiritual - using Pope Francis' forthcoming visit as a focal point of giving.


From Newsworks

Pope Francis will be in Philadelphia for two days this September. But a  group of homeless advocates is hoping to raise $1.5 million to make the impact of his visit extend far beyond those two days.


From CBS Philly

A homeless advocacy group is trying to make sure the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia has a lasting impact.

Today, they’re announcing the creation of a fund to be used for anti-poverty efforts and a letter-writing campaign to get more federal action on the issue.

Project HOME co-founder, Sister Mary Scullion, is the chair of the hunger and homelessness committee for the papal visit, a task she wanted to make more than symbolic.


From the Philadelphia Inquirer

Anne Marie Jones is bracing herself to tell a story of drug addiction, prostitution, and recovery to a city preparing for a pope.

The 48-year-old mother of three clawed her way out of a life on the streets with the help of Dawn's Place, a residential treatment program for women involved in human trafficking.


From the Philadelphia Inquirer

For two days in September, Pope Francis will take center stage on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway.

On regular days, however, the Parkway is where from 75 to 125 homeless people live. And for many others who are destitute, it is where they receive free daily meals.


From CBS Philly

An unusual, interactive art exhibit is coming to the grounds of The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul just in time for Pope Francis’ visit at the end of September.

The exhibit is based on the Baroque painting “Mary Untier of Knots” — which shows the Virgin Mary undoing a knotted ribbon.


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