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Roots and Branches: Reflections from Sister Mary

This story originally appeared in our summer edition of News from HOME.

Roots and Branches: Reflections from Sister Mary

This story originally appeared in our winter edition of News from HOME.

We came with a set of goals. We wanted to strengthen our relationships and collaboration. We wanted to build skills in leadership, teambuilding, and problem-solving. And we wanted to figure out our priorities for the next few months. And the beach—specifically the Sisters of Mercy retreat house at Sea Isle—seemed the place to tackle them.


Next September, Philadelphia will host Pope Francis, who will be visiting as part of the World Meeting of Families. Given the immense global impact Francis has had in his still young papacy, this is a historic opportunity for our city: More than two million visitors are expected, and for several days the eyes of the world will be upon us.

This is an excerpt of a talk that our Executive Director Sister Mary Scullion gave at the Regina Dominican Leadership Institute in February 10, 2014.

Over the years at Project HOME, we have learned many lessons of leadership. First, what is clear to me is that leadership is bigger than any single individual. Leadership is not so much an individual attribute as it is a community gift. Our success is due in large measure to our development of a team of talented persons who grasp the vision and are committed to working together to achieve it.

S. Mary Scullion speaks with a community member at our recent Taste of HOME celebration.

As we have been celebrating our 25th anniversary this year, we at Project HOME are keenly aware that the wide network of people and organizations who contribute skills, resources, energy, and vision, coupled with God’s grace, are the reason behind any and all accomplishments.


The tough and tender mercies of women religious transform the most remote and desolate corners of poverty, misery, and heartache.

Roots and Branches: Reflections from Sister Mary

As I recall the cramped quarters of that patchwork first shelter in the locker room of a vacant recreation center a quarter century ago, I can hardly believe all that has happened.

Joan McConnon and Sister Mary Scullion

Dear friends,

This year marks an amazing milestone:  The 25th Anniversary of Project HOME.   When we think back to our early days of building relationships with the men and women on the streets and opening those first emergency shelters, we are truly in awe at all that has been accomplished.  Your support, participation and leadership played a critical role in creating a brighter future filled with hope and opportunity.


During the bitter cold spell earlier this month, with a Code Blue emergency and life-threatening temperatures, our outreach teams along with our partner organizations worked long hours,pouring themselves out tirelessly. With other staff and residents helping out, they brought people in off the streets,out of the cold, encouraging them to take the first small steps toward breaking the vicious cycle of chronic homelessness. 


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