Happy National Book Lover's Day!!

Nic Watson, Director, Social Enterprises
A pile of bookmarks with the Project HOMEmade logo

August 9th is National Book Lover's Day

Books mean so much to so many of us.

Our book project started last year as a dream for how we could create more jobs if we cleared out an old storage basement and put up shelves to sell old books online.

Today, Project HOMEbooks is a thriving business where a group of us process and sell thousands of books every week.

One of the best parts is that we’re able to give new homes to the beloved collections of so many of our donors and supporters.

I’m proud to tell donors that we never throw books away. Most of the books go to keep our inventory stocked or go to our other charity partners.

Universities, high schools and offices have run great book drives yielding hundreds of boxes of books.

Project HOME books creates good jobs and experience for residents and alumni of Project HOME, keeps book out of landfills and finds new jobs for books from our dedicated donors.

Please run a book drive and become a book donor today.






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